TITANIUM T4 Turbo Charger Cover Turbo Blanket Heat Shield Cover High Quality

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Brand new Titanium turbo heat shield blanket will reduce the amount of radiant heat coming from the turbo & helps to lower engine bay temperatures. It helps to protect other sensitive engine components from the extreme heat. Also a great way to increase the appearance of the turbo by covering the turbine/ exhaust housing!
- Fiber Glass hold up to 2500 Degree (F)

- Made from pulverized volcanic rock then strained into fiber material , Capstan Rivets & Lacing Wire Fastening system

- size: Small (please double check the size from picture before place order)

- Included 2 Springs for easy installation

Fits: T5/T6 turbo charger  (large size of turbo)

*require modification on turbo with internal wastegate